Hi my name is Rebecca and I am the Creator/Baker behind Alsip & Company.  I am a stay at home mom of 3 wonderful children.  2 rambunctious boys and a girly girl.  I started out crocheting and was able to make a small profit to continue my hobby.  I’ve recently developed carpal tunnel and I am unable to crochet anymore.  Big bummer cause I still love to make all things with yarn!  While I was focusing on making my yarn business bigger and better I also created cakes in my downtime.  I am a big people pleaser!  It’s a down fault of mine.  But it makes me feel special when I am able to create cakes for people and have their visions come to life.  Seeing their excitement and joy is a huge motivator!  So since I am unable to crochet anymore I have focused on cakes in the meantime.  If I don’t create something at least 3 times a week I will go nuts! I am also making shirts in the downtime that I have too!  I have a Cricut explore air and I have been in LOVE with it since I received it several years ago.  It’s amazing what you can create with a cutting machine!  So that’s me in a nut shell.  Happy scrolling!


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