Long time no post…….

Hello everyone!  I just wanted to come and let you know what is going on with me as to why I am not posting as much as I should!  We are in the process of purchasing the home that we … Continue reading

Top 10 Tree Tunnels of the World

I absolutely love these pictures! Wish I could drive through them right about now! 🙂 Enjoy!

Crochet, Clay, Stitches, Cranky, Cowls, Birds……………….

So….Where to begin.  lol I have been quite busy the past few days and have been meaning to post things on here.  So what I am going to do is tell you about my busyness and then show you all … Continue reading

Busy Busy Busy…….

Hello everyone! No I haven’t forgotten about you guys! I have been super busy with baseball season getting underway, Easter (which is now passed), trying to make new things, and keeping up with all my orders, I does not feel like a have a ton of orders, but it is just enough to keep me slightly busy. On the other hand I am getting an urge to make new items all of the time! Since I started playing with polymer clay I get so excited about finding tutorials and new ideas of things to make with the clay so that I can put those new things onto the crochet hooks! I feel fortunate that the clay caning process has come second nature to me. I honestly feel that I am able to do anything as long as I take my time and don’t rush anything!

Here are some pictures of my canes that I have recently made and the hubster is excited that I have made them………….

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Along with the canes that I just showed you I also have some new items that I have made and are ready to be shipped out today! Be sure to visit my Etsy shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/babysinspiration to purchase any of these hooks!

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Giveaway Part 3!

Check it out!

Lou's Labyrinth

Here is the last of the 3 giveaways!


There are 5 brand new nail varnishes going to 5 different winners.

1 x silver effects Barry M nail polish
1 x pink neon crackle polish
1 x bright orange crackle polish
1 x bright yellow crackle polish
1 x reddy pink crackle polish

It is open worldwide and all you need to do is follow Lou’s Labyrinth. There are additional entries for reblogging and tweeting about the giveaway etc (but you don’t need to do any of theses if you don’t want to).

Enter here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway is open for 2 weeks and ends on the 31st March.

Good Luck!

Love Lou xoxox

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Flower Power Bag by The Perfect Knot


I just have to say that this bag is the most beautiful thing ever!  The colors are the best color combo that I have seen in a while!  This pattern works up fast and you can customize the colors any way that you want.  There are also different variations for a flap and the handles to be stuffed or you can crochet around a cord!

I loved this bag so much that I am making myself one!  I have already purchased the yarn and the lining for it!

Here is the picture of my work in progress.  This was taken just after a few squares had been made!


This picture was taken just after I had sewn all the squares together!  It is already looking fabulous!


And here is the finished Product!  I absolutely love the way that it turned out!  It looked even better in person!  If you would like to purchase a purse like this one feel free to email me and we can discuss any details and any changes that you would like to have!

Or if you would like to purchase the pattern and make one yourself be sure to head on over to https://www.facebook.com/ThePerfectKnotCrochet?fref=ts!  She is awesome!


All dogs go to heaven…..

Sorry for MIA the past couple of days. I had to make one of the hardest decisions to date. I had to determine if I wanted to try to save my dog, Eres. He was a Brussels griffon mix. He was about 2 years old. We adopted him from the pound when he was one. He was the cutest thing ever! I had to do a lot of persuading on my husband’s part to get him. We had a dog named little bit. She was a Jack Russell and very hyper! She also started having grandma seizures occasionally. I knew that with 3 children and one other dog in the home that I wasn’t able to take little bit to the vet and pay about $1,000 to see why she was having them. Then afford to pay for the medicine she would need to take to prevent them. The first couple of times that she had the seizures it freaked my oldest out. I knew that I needed to find a better home for her with someone who could afford to take care of her medical problems and give her room to run.

So after about 2 days worth of “persuading” lol, we all went to the pound and picked out Eres! I was so excited. He was the first dog that I have ever adopted from the pound. He was a very good dog. He was very well-trained, so there was no house breaking him. He was very good with the kids and with the other dog that we have.

One thing that Eres loved to do was to run out the door any chance that he got. We would try to chase him but then that would fuel him to go further and further away from home. So we would just sit at home and wait for him to get done roaming and then he would literally knock at the door to come back in. I couldn’t have picked a better dog!

He got out Sunday night. I didn’t think nothing any different from any other day because it was the normal thing for him to run out if he could. He came back after an hour or so of running the street. Little did I know that I would be finding out that he had eaten something that he shouldn’t have. He was fine all day Monday until that afternoon. He started vomiting. I didn’t think nothing of that either because the kids like to feed the dogs with what ever they don’t eat off of their plates. So I just cleaned up the mess and went about the day like normal.

I didn’t notice anything wrong with him till the next morning, Tuesday, when my oldest was getting ready for school and he came and told me that Eres had vomited all over his back pack. I then noticed that the puke was solid water that he had drunk only a little bit earlier. So I brought the cage into the living room and made him a bed out of towels inside of the cage. If I wouldn’t have done the cage thing my other 2 children would have bugged him and possibly got bit because of them bothering him.

Then he really started worrying me when he would drink the water he would throw it back up a few minutes later. So I called the hubby and told him about it. By that time my grandma had come to visit and she advised me that I needed to take him to the vet because little dogs like him go down hill fast. We decided that he needed to go to be checked out. I took the kiddies to my grandma’s so I could peacefully visit the vets office without any incidents with my rambunctious 2 yr old.

While on the way to the vets I noticed that he wasn’t even trying to steady himself while I was stopping, going around a curve, or hitting the gas. He did get up and try to move around but then he would lay back down. Come to find out he wasn’t lying down cause he was weak. He was having mild seizures. He had a grandma seizure while I was getting ready to take him to the vet. I had never seen a dog have a mild seizure so I didn’t know what was going on.

When we got to the vet we had to wait about 10 minutes before we could be taken back to the examining room.  He acted like he wanted to walk around.  So I put him down and then he would walk around and then stop and flop onto his stomach like he was resting.  He would continue to do that for about 5 minutes.  Then he started to just fall over and get a little stiff.  His breathing was short and fast.  His little heart was just a pounding while I held him.

After we was taken back to the examining room, the vet came in and explained to me that it was going to cost me about $600 – $1000 just for him to have the 24 hour care at a pet hospital for the seizures.  He would need to be monitored for the 24 hours because any of the test that he could have done wouldn’t be back for 24 hours.  Then Eres had another grandma seizure.  A grandma seizure is a seizure where your entire body convulses and you don’t have any control over your body.  It’s very scary for someone who has never seen one first hand.  After discussing the options with the vet I called the hubby and then the tears started flowing.  This was the first time that I had been in that position.  I don’t like having that kind of control over my dog’s life.  I had to decide whether or not I would be able to afford to take him to the pet hospital and try to save him from what was happening to him.

unfortunately I wasn’t able to afford to give him the care that he needed to have.  So we decided to put him to sleep so that he wouldn’t suffer any more than what he was already.  I told the vet that I didn’t want to be there when he gave him the shot.  So I left and picked up the kiddies from grandma’s and went home.  The hubby left work and stopped on his way home to get Eres’ body.    When the hubby got home he had told me that he had to wait another 30 minutes before he was able to bring his body home.  What ever happened to Eres was killing him already.  The vet said that he probably would have only lasted about another 6 – 12 hours.  Eres’ poor little body convulsed for 30 minutes after he had passed.  So what ever he had gotten a hold of was throughout his body and it wouldn’t have mattered how much money we would have had cause he was dying anyways.  With the decision that I made I was able to let him go without much pain and suffering.  He didn’t have to endure what he was going through till his body gave way.  So knowing that he was dying any way and that we just ended the suffering sooner than later made me feel better.  But I still miss my doggy! 😦  The hubby made a comment that when my little Chihuahua dies that he will probably have to bury me with him!  I have had that little guy for over 10 years!

But I just had to tell someone and what better place than here.  Now onto some fun stuff a little later! 🙂

Fun Filled Day.

Hello everyone!  It’s been a long day!  Went to a birthday party at a bowling alley for a 3-year-old.  It was definitely different.  I personally would never have my children’s birthday party there unless they were much older and actually knew what bowling was and enjoyed it!  Then when I came home my long-lost cousin who also loves to craft as much as I do came over and we played with our clay!  I enjoy making the handles on crochet hooks more ergonomically and fashionable!   I recently bought some itty bitty clay canes from Etsy and I absolutely LOVED working with them!  I made 2 crochet hook handles that looked like flowers.  The work that they put into one cane is amazing!  I didn’t take any pictures because the hubby was at a meeting and we were here with my 3 kids and her one!  It was a little over whelming with all the little ones trying to play in the clay also!  I am hoping to be able to take some pictures of them tomorrow, if the kids allow me to, and post them for sale! 🙂

I never thought that I would enjoy blogging.  But now that I have I really think that I like it.  I can come on here and voice my opinion and express some things to the internet world and it just seems to lift some things off my chest.  Maybe because I can share my love of clay, crochet, photography, and what ever else I decide to do with others who enjoy my work!  I just wished that my kiddies would allow me to do this before their bed time that way I don’t have to stay up as late to post!  Oh well, I guess that is the life of a small business owner with 3 small children.  The good thing is that I do stay at home with them and work out of my home.  No outside job.  I get to enjoy my babies while they are young and I also get to craft every minute of the day that they will allow!


Well it’s late and I need to get up early to tackle my never ending pile of laundry.  I loathe laundry!  I wish it would do it itself.  Someone has to do it.  No better person than me since I am home all day!




Good night everyone!  Have a good Monday!  Happy Blogging.


Squirrel Picnic

This airplane appliqué is quick and easy to make. It’s the perfect embellishment for a baby blanket, sweater, or scarf. Airplane

Airplane Appliqué

Difficulty rating 1


Small amounts of gray, blue, and white yarns
Size H-8 (5.00 mm) crochet hook
Tapestry needle

Plane Body

With blue yarn, ch 20

Sc in 2nd ch from hook, 2 hdc, 14 dc, 5 dc in turning ch, 14 dc, 2 hdc, sc, slst in 1st ch. BO.


With gray yarn, ch 25

Sc in 2nd ch from hook, 22 hdc, 4 sc in turning ch, 22 hdc, 3 sc in last ch, slst in 1st ch. BO. Sew onto plane body about 1/3 of the way back from the front.


With gray yarn, bring a loop up through 2nd ch at end of airplane body. Ch 3, tr in same st, (dc, sc) in next st. BO.

Pull up loop in 4th ch from…

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